Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I've labeled this post 'part 1'.....knowing that given our busy Sept. Fiber Junkies meeting......I could just about write a part 2 will not be far behind.

We had a very historical moment......we've bestowed an honorary Fiber Junkie membership to Val's husband, Skip.  We are so very, very fortunate to meet at their home from late spring to early fall....where we take over her garage studio and outdoor space PLUS their home!  Both Val and Skip spend hours (we are sure it takes hours) to have everything set up for our arrival.....including a table for each of us!  

Most of what we do is wet work so there's a lot of preparation: silk screen supplies, MX dyes, indigo dye pot, vinegar/water cooking station, all the necessary tools like clamps, rusted items, even fresh eucalyptus!!  AND.....they put all this stuff away and store it for the next time.  Seriously we totally appreciate their generosity and loving spirits.

I thought this homage to both Val and Skip deserved it's very own post.
Thanks to Denny for creating this wonderful certificate!

Monday, September 18, 2017


Our welcome quilts at the entrance to Woolworth Walk are doing their job.....helping to alert shoppers to venture down to the lower level where they will find quilts by Judy Simmons, Kate Weston, and myself in space 235.
I just hung "Scrap Bag Star" 72" x 72" (center) to replace another big one of mine that just sold.  Happy, happy! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Watch out Atlanta comes THE PACK!!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Yes, I'm still here.....thank you to the many followers who emailed me.  Things have been a bit crazy in our household but all will be well.  Our hearts go out to all those suffering the aftermath of the hurricanes. Realizing what those folks are facing, certainly puts one's little bumps in the road in perspective.

Okay....let's talk fabric!  The purple discharge motifs I blogged about recently are still on my design wall and I'm NO closer to a design solution.  So, in the meantime, another one of my rust-dyed vintage linens got my attention. 

The embroidery design was kept quite simple to avoid over-powering the lovely lacey motifs.  It was mounted on mottled hand-dyed silk noil.

PINE BOUGH  18" X 15.5"
Vintage linen, hand embroidered/dyed with iron water, hand-dyed silk noil.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


We have been lulled by our previously tame and mild winter, followed by a lovely temperate summer with sufficient rain....but yikes.....the acorns are now falling, ground foliage die back....oh my winter can't be far away.

Looking on the bright side, the spectacle of fall color attracts a lot of tourist whose impact is very positive for Asheville and our surrounding communities.  So in preparation, my pal Judy Simmons and I headed off to Woolwork Walk in Asheville to refresh our walls with visions of the season.

If you are in the area, please stop by and visit us #235 - lower level.

Friday, September 1, 2017


"Blood, Sweat, & Signatures", a celebrity signature quilt I made way back in 1992, has been acquired by the International Quilt Study Center & Museum Quilt House, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I'm honored and thrilled that this special quilt will be cared for, studied, and enjoyed by their visitors. Hopefully the names of the celebrities who grace this quilt will continue to be fondly remembered for years to come.

BLOOD, SWEAT and SIGNATURES 66.5" X 66.5" © 1992

Commercial cottons, hand quilted, original design featuring 96 quilt celebrity signatures. Click here to view more photos and learn the back story.


Friday, August 25, 2017


The wet felting materials have been put away for now....but surely more would have been accomplished in the studio if I'd have spent the day making bowls!  I gazed, shuffled, and pondered the day away over fabric choices to begin my next wall art project.
 I dug out some altered silk noil fabrics. Some had been color discharged and others ice-dyed.  A typical problem that occurs after a play date with the Fiber Junkies is the creation of some really great pieces....BUT....too little of one kind.  I've been trying to focus more during our gatherings.....avoiding jumping from fabric to fabric which  ends up yielding a puny amount of each.  
See what I mean......great pieces, but a challenge to incorporate into one well designed piece!

I'm auditioning back ground fabrics....and seriously again I've pulled out over half of my stash trying to find something that works.  As pitiful as the above photos appear due to poor photo of these two may actually work.  The top is commercial Woolfelt, while the bottom is my carrier cloth from a recent eco-printing day.

My refusal to purchase any more fabric can definitely be a time waster.....but given where I live with no fabric stores.....digging through my fabric collection and determination in the end, will hopefully result in a pleasing finished piece.  Stay tuned...won't you??

Thursday, August 24, 2017


The marathon wet felting continues...with vases and votive candle holders rolling out.  My fingers are wrinkled, my arms are sore, but there's a big smile on my face.....this is fun!

Monday, August 21, 2017


My fingers have not be clicking away on my keyboard....yet, they aren't idle! My hands are vigorously manipulating wool fibers as I continue to replenish my inventory of felted votive candle holders.  
Here two (far left and far right) are glowing with battery operated votive candles that come with the purchase of each one.

I expect I'll continue to be quiet here for a bit as the marathon felting continues.  It's fun, but suprisingly time consuming in order to make them thin enough for the light source but hardy enough to hold their shape.

Friday, August 18, 2017


My plate has become quite full right now.....not exactly over-committed, but getting there!  So rather than frustrate myself with big projects that require more studio time than I have, I'm enjoying experimenting with wet felting.  The goal is to develop some new shapes for my votive candle holder inventory.  

They are sold at Woolworth Walk, downtown Asheville, NC and in my online gallery.